Into the Dark

In the book “New Avatar Power” on page 176 there is an exercise many students of the occult may recognise, called “Seeing by the Etheric Light of your New Avatar Power”. In it, the exercise details how one should “darken the room until you can still distinguish the walls and furniture, but it is too dark to read print on a page.” It then goes into a short breathing exercises and then one looks for the etheric light that radiates naturally from all things.

As always NAP presents an occult principle that can be developed to gain occult influence. It does this in a simple, fun, and presentable way for the reader at the time. If you want the real stuff you have to dig, and dig deep.

When I was young and acutely aware of what can step out of the dark, I would sit up at night and stare out into the black void in my room. I noticed what is called Phosphenes, those little lights that make patterns when you close your eyes, dancing through out the room. I was bored, this was a time before cell phones, and so I began to play with that light using my imagination. I realized that I could hold an image or shape there in the dark and the phosphenes would form that image and hold it steady for a while. Eventually it would get “washed away” by the waves of that same light. Like sand returning to the beach as the waves soaked into it. I also discovered that if I hold my vision in a distracted gaze, in a single spot that allowed even better and more vivid images to pop alive. Next I came to realize that if I kept my mind pointed towards the goal of seeing something, and simply allowed the light to work it’s way to that then the imagery would pop into vibrant life. If I had not found and worked with those little lights I am sure my psychic abilities would not be where they are today. I found them because instead of shrinking from and hiding from the dark I explored it.

Many ancient practices seem to be centered on doing some sort of ritual where the initiate spends some time in the dark. Some require a great deal of time in the deep and others a shorter amount. It seems to be done following the revelation of the sacred order of things. So, the initiate would be taught all the secrets behind the symbols, master them, and then be tested to make sure they were confident in the symbols. Once competency had been shown, they were placed in the dark.

William Mistele talks about bards training in dark caves to master their craft as well. And of course when doing the plastic imagination exercises in IIH one should help bridge the closed eyes imagination exercises into the open eyed imagination exercises by controlling the light in the room in order to help remove distractions. By starting out in near dark and gradually increasing the light you can become more competent and confident in your abilities.

Take a look at this video. Ignore the talk of time being different on different planets making you live longer if you were on that planet…just no. But listen for how one goes into the dark for a time in order to see and experience the subtle light. Listen for how and why we collect and develop that light and force. Mastering the expansive and contractive forces. If you are serious about developing those psychic skills to over 9000, you should definitely consider adding a regular practice where you spend time studying the subtle light in near or complete darkness. It not only develops the powers of your imagination but you can observe how those forces have their own drives, movements and means of communication. You can also learn as I did, that by gently nudging that light towards what you want to observe, it will eventually manifest it. Only by studying these things will you have a complete mastery of the psychic senses. Also, every tradition has some version of this, so maybe you should too.

Then you may see the value of all of the rituals related to the binding and expulsion of evil forces that cause disharmonies, in you and the world around you, as well as rites, rituals and mantras to draw good influences to you. Even being aware of how things like SATOR squares work.

“Mrs. Paterson, when visited for purposes of fortune-telling, would read a person’s character immediately as a matter of course before going into details about the future. If she prophesied an event she was unable to describe verbally, she would objectivize the event in a visual image and the querent would see, in some dark corner of her room, a clearly defined if fleeting image of the prophesied event. And this never failed to follow at the appointed time. “

“Although Spare was convinced that an occult Intelligence frequently painted, drew, or wrote through him, he was unable to discover its identity. He was, however, in almost daily contact with a familiar, a spirit-guide, known as Black Eagle whom he had clearly seen and drawn on several occasions. But he was convinced that Black Eagle was not the sole source of his automatism. Spare had but to turn his head suddenly and he would sometimes catch a glimpse of the familiar spirits that constantly surrounded him. Several times he had “caught” one of them long enough to make a lightning-swift sketch. “

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